Friday, May 25, 2012

Everyday Us.

I love this picture.
And not because it's an especially flattering or cute picture. I'm not wearing anything special.
But it does capture the everyday us.
It was taken after a night out.  You can tell by my red wine stained lips. And the fact that Barkley was allowed on the furniture.
TG's hair is a mess. (and for some reason mohawk-ish)
I'm wearing a fleece because I'm cold all the time. (I've been known to take a blanket to the movie theater).
My hair was down and straightened but likely went up the second I got back home.
My toe-nail polish is chipped. I never can seem to keep nail polish on my toes for very long.
The only thing missing is the other dog child. (Chip was likely already asleep for the night)
I will probably look at this picture years from now and be reminded of our first apartment in Chicago.
It's not perfect.
But this life really is pretty sweet.


  1. Yall are presch! The cutest pups....we will only have a Golden!

  2. I love everything about this picture!

  3. Hi! New follower sent from Let The Tide..! Love your blog!


  4. I love pictures like this---you don't need to be doing anything special, just living it is good enough!