Friday, June 29, 2012

Daily Reads

I just wanted to share some of my favorite blogs with you guys.  You may already read some of these but I always like to find new blogs so I thought I'd do a little run-down of some of my daily reads. In list form, of course. Everything is better in a list.

1) Peppermint Bliss. I stop by daily for my dose of the ever-cute Bailey who is an interior-designer and new mom.  Just to clarify, she's not one of those weird moms that constantly discusses breast feeding and nap schedules.  (Not that there's anything wrong with that).  Her writing is funny and typically puts words to things everyone thinks but doesn't always say.  I'm also more than a little obsessed with her Austin home. I wish she still lived in Chicago so we could be friends. (And I mean that in the least-creepy way possible).

2) Tea Time with Tess. If you've been reading here for a while, you already know that Tess is my blog-friend-turned-real-life-friend.  While I was sad when she left Chicago for L.A., I do love keeping up with her life in L.A. and all the fun things she's doing out there (celebrity sightings, wedding planning, and cute pup pics galore!)

3) E, Myself, and I.  Elizabeth keeps it real on her blog.  She keeps me laughing with her confessions and no-shame writing.  When the Internet is full of styled instagram pictures and humble brags, I find her blog to be a breath of fresh air.

4) The Long and Short of It.  Jessie writes about her life as a newly wed, compromising on decorating (I can relate), and other fun shenanigans.  She lives in Raleigh NC and reading her blog makes me want to pack up and move back to North Carolina.  (And be friends. Again, in the least creepy way possible).

5) Total Basset Case. Sarah is a fellow dog-mama to one cute basset hound, Floyd.  I love my daily dose of Floyd and his ridiculously floppy ears. She is so bubbly and her blog is just a good read. She writes about life and never comes off pretentious or fake.  Which again, is a breath of fresh air.

What blogs do you love that I need to add to my Google Reader?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer in Chitown

This summer I feel a sense of urgency to make the most of these warm months in Chicago.  Urgency, ya'll.  While I appreciate and enjoy all that the fall and winter months have to offer, I love (lurve!) summer in this city.  There's just so much summer goodness (and sangria!) to be enjoyed around these parts.

I've put together somewhat of a summertime bucket list for 2012:

1) Get an Italian Ice from Mario's Italian Lemonade

2) Have a picnic with friends at movie night in the park. (On the books for Saturday night)

3) Drinks (on the rooftop, of course!) at the Peninsula Hotel.

4) Enjoy a unique flavor of gelato from Black Dog Gelato. I'm thinking goat-cheese cashew caramel.

5) Attend Blogger Blitz in July.

6) Attend Festivals including: Taste of Randolph, Taste of Chicago, Retro on Roscoe, Sheffield Garden Walk and Festival, Summer on Southport, and Taste of River North.

7) Take dogs to Montrose Dog Beach.

8) Turn 25 (eesh) years old!

9) Rent a bike and cruise along the lake front.

10) Lake weekend in Wisconsin with friends.

11) See Pretty Lights at the North Coast Music Festival.

12) Lots of playing, eating, and generally debauchery when Mom & Sydney's visit in July.

Am I missing anything?

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Friday, June 22, 2012

This looks like the room version of my blog. Am I right? (I'm right.) 

I'm off to the lake for the weekend for plenty of cocktails, boats, smiles, and hopefully sunshine! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to this guy!

Thank you for understanding the importance (and seriousness) of recording our Thursday night line up (The Office, Parks & Rec, etc).

And for making me do and try things I wouldn't normally.

And for being kind to everyone from homeless people to grocery store workers.

And for not saying anything when I wear mismatched socks around the house.

And for not minding my singing voice. (or dance moves).

And for cooking me dinner, all the time. (God knows I would exist solely on peanut butter sandwiches, pirates booty, and broccoli with dressing if it weren't for you.)

And for your patience. I know I can be a handful. 

Basically, I'm just so very happy you were born : )

Happy Birthday Babe!

(I love you to the moon and back. )

(From the Brad Paisley concert this past weekend. We totally felt like we were in North Carolina again.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EL Ideas

The first time I went to EL Ideas I didn't take any photos besides the ones on my phone. Last Thursday night, we ventured back to EL for TG's stepmom birthday celebration.  This place has delivered stellar food both times I've been. 13 courses of pure deliciousness. So much so that licking your plate is encouraged.

It's definitely a unique experience as it's set up dinner-party style. Guests are invited to help plate courses and hang out in the kitchen with the chefs.  You feel more like you're in someone's home than a restaurant. This feeling of being in someone's home is furthered by the art work on the kitchen walls---done by Chef Foss' little girls.

I'm not one to snap pictures of every single course at a restaurant.  I always feel like an idiot photographing something before I eat it. While there are some food blogs I love, I don't know how people stand to take pictures of everything they eat.

Ok, so I did take a couple pictures of food. It is worth noting that I felt silly and only did so after several a couple glasses of wine.

A very happy birthday, indeed!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Randolph Street Market

A few weekends ago, Jen and I headed over to Randolph Street Market for a little Saturday morning shopping. I've blogged about my trips to the market before.  I'm a big fan and feel like I'm on a treasure hunt every time I go. TG isn't exactly a fan of thrift markets or antique stores so I was glad to have Jen as my company.   If you're planning a visit to Chicago, you should check to see if Randolph Street Market is open while you're here. They have great food/drink vendors (including Antique Taco) and even better vintage goodies.  I snapped a few photos while we were there.
Pretty Vignettes. 

Vintage Letters.

Succulent goodness.
 A stranger took this. Thus, the blurriness. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

One for the books. (or the time I met Joan Cusack)

This weekend was definitely one for the books. Friday, we met up with friends at the Union League Club.  This place is so neat. It's like an urban country club without a golf course.
Country club style chicken tenders (you know they're the best) + drinks + friends = a pretty spiffy Friday night.

Saturday I attempted to lay out on the 27th floor rooftop of a friend's apartment. Unfortunately, the wind made it a little chilly and I am still pale. Boo.

I stopped in a nearby shop, Judy Maxwell on Saturday afternoon.  I knew that Joan Cusack owned the shop but was surprised to see her there working.  She was really friendly and is apparently in there a lot.  If you're in the neighborhood (Gold Coast) you should stop by and check out the shop (and meet Joan!). It's hard to describe the shop.  It's filled with art and unique house stuff...along with other little knick-nacks. I bought some red-striped straws for our bar.  I wanted to come home with this amazing piece of art by Brian Bonebrake, but sadly did not because I'm poor and they are thousands of dollars.

We went out Saturday night for the first time in weeks. I mean, we've been out for drinks and stuff but not out with our party pants on.  We drank Coronas with lime and pretended we were in Mexico (or on a NC beach).  The weather was perfect, warm enough to wear a dress but cool enough to be comfortable sitting outside at the bars.

I'd say the first weekend of summer was a success.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A List of Good Things

  • Things I'm Afraid to Tell You. Have you seen the "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" movement on lots of blogs lately? If not, check it out here.  It was started by one of my favorite Chicago bloggers, Jess.  It's all about being more honest in a blog world that can sometimes feel superficial.  The girl is insightful and talks a lot about living with intention (being intentional about business, relationships, and life in general).  Good stuff, indeed!
  • Shoe goodness. Speaking of superficial things we don't necessarily need, these babies are on their way to my apartment. I've been lusting after these shoes for far too long and I'm happy to report that they are coming to join my shoe family. The best part? They were on sale. (via)
  • (Early) Birthday Win. Yesterday, I got a text message about an early birthday present: much coveted (and nearly impossible to obtain) tickets to Next.  Basically a food dream. I think I can stop stalking Grant Achatz now. 
  • Weeknight dinner+tv buddies. TG has been traveling less for work the past 2 weeks and it has been so good to have week-night company. 
  • Chats with my mom.  During our chat last night, she shared the recent antics of our family dogs (hilarious) and some of her thoughts about her latest read, 50 Shades of Grey (mortified).   
Ah, I always feel better and in a more grateful place when I make lists like this. I need someone to remind me each day that my life is not hard and filled with good things. (And to stop being such a wimp.)