Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EL Ideas

The first time I went to EL Ideas I didn't take any photos besides the ones on my phone. Last Thursday night, we ventured back to EL for TG's stepmom birthday celebration.  This place has delivered stellar food both times I've been. 13 courses of pure deliciousness. So much so that licking your plate is encouraged.

It's definitely a unique experience as it's set up dinner-party style. Guests are invited to help plate courses and hang out in the kitchen with the chefs.  You feel more like you're in someone's home than a restaurant. This feeling of being in someone's home is furthered by the art work on the kitchen walls---done by Chef Foss' little girls.

I'm not one to snap pictures of every single course at a restaurant.  I always feel like an idiot photographing something before I eat it. While there are some food blogs I love, I don't know how people stand to take pictures of everything they eat.

Ok, so I did take a couple pictures of food. It is worth noting that I felt silly and only did so after several a couple glasses of wine.

A very happy birthday, indeed!


  1. I'm the same way about photographing food, I often feel silly! Sounds like a fun restaurant.

  2. As a food blogger, photographing food is a pain in the butt. But, it's always fun to look back and remember the places I've been and things I've ordered. Especially when I'm planning a return visit. Then I am able to instantly remember what I absolutely loved just from a simple photo. :) This place sounds awesome.