Monday, June 4, 2012

One for the books. (or the time I met Joan Cusack)

This weekend was definitely one for the books. Friday, we met up with friends at the Union League Club.  This place is so neat. It's like an urban country club without a golf course.
Country club style chicken tenders (you know they're the best) + drinks + friends = a pretty spiffy Friday night.

Saturday I attempted to lay out on the 27th floor rooftop of a friend's apartment. Unfortunately, the wind made it a little chilly and I am still pale. Boo.

I stopped in a nearby shop, Judy Maxwell on Saturday afternoon.  I knew that Joan Cusack owned the shop but was surprised to see her there working.  She was really friendly and is apparently in there a lot.  If you're in the neighborhood (Gold Coast) you should stop by and check out the shop (and meet Joan!). It's hard to describe the shop.  It's filled with art and unique house stuff...along with other little knick-nacks. I bought some red-striped straws for our bar.  I wanted to come home with this amazing piece of art by Brian Bonebrake, but sadly did not because I'm poor and they are thousands of dollars.

We went out Saturday night for the first time in weeks. I mean, we've been out for drinks and stuff but not out with our party pants on.  We drank Coronas with lime and pretended we were in Mexico (or on a NC beach).  The weather was perfect, warm enough to wear a dress but cool enough to be comfortable sitting outside at the bars.

I'd say the first weekend of summer was a success.


  1. Hi friend! I miss you. Sounds like a pretty fabu weekend. I love that you picked up those cute red and white straws - I want to get some too....My list of needs is so long.

    and that painting is so fun and colorful - would be perfect for a screened in porch!

  2. You're the second person I know to write about this store. I gotta get in there!

  3. Aah, sounds like a looovely weekend, perfect intro to summer! Also loving that painting!
    Elly @ Caribbean Living

  4. OMG, I love Joan Cusack! How cool to really meet her! Love that print too!