Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Daydream About

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Emily, posted about day dreams.
I thought it was such a good idea for a post that I've decided to join in.

Some Things I Daydream About:

What song will be my first dance song at my wedding
Traveling to Europe
Decorating a grown-up house (not a rented apartment)
This wallpaper
Adding a King Charles Cavalier to our dog family (Related: Having a backyard.)
A custom closet
The Red Line being clean and pleasant
Future kid names
Having a big family with plenty of chaos
A dream dinner at Alinea
The YSL Muse
A big reunion in Chicago or NYC with all of my girlfriends
Mojitos in Mexico
Internships/Job Opportunities (Related: Finishing graduate school)
Joining a women's bible study in a church I love
The upcoming Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration
A trip to Napa Valley
Salsa from Tower 7 in Wrightsville Beach, NC
Future vacations with my family
My grandmama Louise's incredible cooking

What do you daydream about?


  1. I day dream about travelling to Greece all the time!

  2. I dream about a vacation to Europe all the time! One day... one day!


  3. Definitely the salsa! Maybe I can have mom ship some for your visit next month! ;-)

  4. Custom closet. Hands down one of mine!! I honestly thought about that this morning on my walk to work haha!