Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back Down South.

Where has this summer gone? I can't believe it is August 16th. The past few months have felt non-stop.

Scratch that... Where has the past year gone? Right now I can hear the sound of planes practicing for the air and water show that's this weekend (Much to the Barkley's horror). Weird. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were getting settled into our new apartment and life in Chicago while listening to those SAME sounds of the planes preparing for the air and water show. Whew.

The past couple of weeks have been some good ones.

The friday before I left for NC, we used a Gilt City groupon for Sawtooth with some friends. The drinks were excellent. I'd say the food was just "meh".  The service was not great. Maybe this place is just new and getting into the swing of things?  I probably wouldn't go back.

My week at the beach with my family was so simple and so good.  Ocean Isle is pretty much my happy place. I hope I can buy my own beach house there someday and spend summers there with my own children. (And yes, there was an outfit repeat. What of it?)

While in NC, I also made the much dreaded visit to the DMV. Boo. Side note: there are some seriously entertaining folks in the DMV waiting room.

I also helped my sister move into the sorority house. She's living in the ADPi house this a room just down the hall from where I lived for 2 years in college. I felt old...but being back in Greenville brought back some serious memories. I made my sister drive me by some of the bars we used to frequent. Good times.
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Of course, no trip home is complete without a lunch date with my favorite high school girlfriends. Can't wait for them to visit Chicago over Labor Day weekend! All in all, a solid visit to NC.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recap (Mom & Syd visit Chicago edition)

My mom and sister were in Chicago visiting for a week.  We covered all the touristy bases. 

Snacks on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building.

Snapped photos at Cloud Gate (aka the bean)

Strolled around the Lincoln Park Zoo. (Fun AND free = win)

Shopped in my favorite areas.

Lunched at Grahamwich.

House-browsed in the Gold Coast. 

Took a boat tour on the river and along Lake Michigan.

Made my 2nd visit to The Doughnut Vault. (Even more delicious than I remembered)

Spent one Saturday morning at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park. Picked up local jams & spreads,     vegetables. (All while sipping the best fresh raspberry soda I've ever tasted). Spotted these gorgeous sunflowers as well

Went to the brand new City Target. 

Spent another Saturday at Randolph Street Market in the West Loop browsing antiques (affectionately referred to as "junk" by TG) and enjoying Jeni's salted caramel ice cream.
Enjoyed dinners at De Cero, Bar Toma, and Nightwood

There's really nothing like summer in Chicago.  I had such a good time showing them around the city I have come to love so much.  We did, saw, and ate a lot.  Quite frankly, I'm still recovering from all of the packed days they were here.