Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trenchermen and a Thundershirt on a Thursday

Last night's dinner at the Trenchermen was pretty good. I ordered the Hairy Buffalo (weird, I know) cocktail and it was delish. It was carbonated tequila, watermelon, and some kind of spicy-ness.  I really wanted another one but didn't want to be the only lush at our table.  For dinner, I had the heirloom tomato dish (heirloom tomatoes, pickled peppers, white balsamic ice cream, herbs, apricot pits). It was really interesting and I love love loved the ice cream, but I probably wouldn't order it again.  I ordered the pork belly (pork belly, bubble gum, early apples, green beans, coconut) as my entree.  It was such a great dish with tons of unique flavors. (I mean, hello, bubble gum.)  The restaurant itself is really cool and filled with quirky decor that reminds me a little of Harry Potter.  Think oversized test tube shaped terrariums, lights made of pipes, and a wall of drawers labeled things like cannabis, sparkles, van gogh's ear, etc.  I'm thinking I'll have to make another trip with TG so he can try it.

Alas, I am not getting to go to the Ryder Cup with TG this weekend. His work has tent tickets and he couldn't find an extra.

I was a little sad until I remembered that I will have our condo all to myself all day Saturday. I'm planning the perfect saturday. I'm thinking I will workout, have a grande coffee, shop a little, and then spend the rest of the day with the couch and my furry friends.  I will also be watching all of my DVR'd shows without judgment or commentary from a certain mister. (Although, I must admit, TG is usually a good sport while I watch my shows and on Monday he even commented about how crazy Ramona is.)

Speaking of furry friends, Chip is the proud new owner of a Thundershirt. I keep calling it a thundercoat for some reason and TG keeps correcting me that it is, indeed, a shirt. Pot-ay-to-Pa-tah-to.

After receiving a very mean note from our neighbor about his barking during the day, we have resorted to the thundershirt. I read on amazon that it helps so we shall see.  What's really weird is that this woman obviously wrote a raging note but I've seen her twice since then and she acts like nothing happened.  She smiles and says hello.

Chip doesn't bark all day long, but does bark when someone walks down the hall.  The crazy part is that her dog barks even more frequently than Chip.  (It is worth noting that Barkley, despite his name, only barks 2 or 3 times per year.) We also have a collar on Chip that vibrates when he starts to bark which is supposed to deter barking.   Do you guys have any tips for combating the barking issue?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Fall Weekend in September

As sad as I was to see summer go, I've really been enjoying the fall temperatures, activities, and candle scents.  Over the weekend, we headed back up to the lake house with some friends.  It was the perfect getaway.  As much as I love living in a big city, sometimes the quiet and calm of a different scene is just what I need.  The dogs certainly love these lake weekend getaways.

Wet hair and puppy kisses

Sunny skies/Squinty eyes

Fire pit (not pictured: s'mores)

Barkley in his happy place

Plenty o' pumpkins

I have more pictures but haven't gotten them off the other camera yet.

The weekend also included a stop at an apple orchard for some apple picking. (Fall activities for the win!)

I should also mention that I've spent the past month in a pretty constant state of worry and discouragement.  I'm having a hard time finding an internship that aligns with my needs (timing-wise) and will likely have to wait until the summer to begin my internship.  To most people, this would just be a tad annoying but to me (type-A, planner, nut job), well, it's been discouraging and sort of unnerved me.  So if you have any prayers to spare, I could use them as I learn to um, adjust my sails...and go with the flow.

On the sunny side, I'm looking forward to a girl's dinner tonight at The Trenchermen.  TG is spending Saturday at the Ryder Cup so I may join him if he scores an extra ticket.  Otherwise, I will be forced to indulge in brunch and shopping on Saturday. Kind of win-win, yes?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 17, 2012

This weekend...

This weekend was spent at Lake Geneva. Just me and TG (and two furry friends).
It was a weekend for soaking up the last drops of summer...

For accidentally matching in his and her gingham shirts

 For getting in touch with my redneck side. You can't tell but that hat says Mossy Oak in rhinestones. And that would be pink tie-dye, ya'll.

And for plenty of snuggles with this sweet boy. 

Other not-pictured fun: petting a pig hog, picking up goodies at the farmers market, walking around Lake Geneva's cute downtown, drinking skinny girl white cranberry cosmo (even better than the margs, I think!), enjoying cooler fall temperatures, and plenty of music compromises (one grateful dead song, one beyonce song).

Hope your weekend was just as swell.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A little bit of Tuesday sharing.

While on the train this morning, I realized that I was being strangely cautious about my seat-neighbor seeing my morning music selection playing on my iphone. First, why do I care? I shouldn't care. But I found myself slightly embarrassed by my playlist that included show tunes (Wicked, Les Mis. anyone?), Beyonce, and Justin Bieber.

I hate cooking meat. I always fear that I will not cook chicken all the way and will poison someone. I always have TG check it for me and tell me whether or not it's done enough.  Recently, he has decided to show me "tough love" and stay out of it (read: not help) so that I learn how to cook meat on my own.  I kind of hate it.

I think E.T. is the most terrifying creature that has ever existed.  I made the mistake of telling TG.  I frequently find myself in this scenario:
TG: Hey could you come here for a second...what do you think about this piece of furniture/anything that may sound alluring to me?
(He turns ipad towards me with huge picture of E.T.)
Me: Screams in horror.

I wish I could make a trip home just so I could shop for fall clothes with my mom. #shit25yearoldssay

Yesterday, I talked to one of my good friends from college for over an hour.  Sometimes it's funny how easy it is to pick up right where you left off.  (Note to self: be better about staying connected)

Glitter nail polish is all fun and games until you try to get it off your nails. It's looking like I'm just going to have to pick it off. Solutions?

That's all for today.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've been pretty MIA but for some pretty good reasons.

For example...

Over the course of three days, I ate an entire box of Velveeta shells and cheese.  So processed but so so good. (Honesty is the best policy, so there you have it, Internet)

2 of my favorite friends from high school, Amy & Joslyn, came to visit me in Chicago over the long weekend.  We ate lots of good food and drank lots of drinks. One dinner at Gilt Bar + drinks at Old Town Social + another dinner at Mercadito + a stop at Magnolia Bakery + drinks at NoMi + drinks at the J. Parker rooftop + a final dinner at Three Aces = major detox/dieting/spending freeze going down this week.

Keeping my eyes peeled for glimpses of Giuliana/Bill Rancic and their new little nugget now that they're back in Chicago.

And this week, I'm continuing my search for an internship.  I think I've shared it before but I'm finishing up my master's program in December and have to start my clinical fieldwork in January.

Last week I started reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  I had seen it mentioned on so many other blogs and then a friend suggested it.  I really recommend it.  I've been reading it as my devotion on the train each morning.  It helps to keep things in perspective for me and starts my day out in a positive way.

I totally forgot to mention in my last blog post that TG got a new job! Well, a promotion within the same company but a totally new job.  He won't have to travel anymore.  Thank goodness. This means I will be eating a lot less sandwiches and frozen dinners from Trader Joe'!

Seeing all of the fall stuff on Pinterest and blogs is making me feel realllly warm and cozy.  College football, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, and coats! Bring it on.