Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Fall Weekend in September

As sad as I was to see summer go, I've really been enjoying the fall temperatures, activities, and candle scents.  Over the weekend, we headed back up to the lake house with some friends.  It was the perfect getaway.  As much as I love living in a big city, sometimes the quiet and calm of a different scene is just what I need.  The dogs certainly love these lake weekend getaways.

Wet hair and puppy kisses

Sunny skies/Squinty eyes

Fire pit (not pictured: s'mores)

Barkley in his happy place

Plenty o' pumpkins

I have more pictures but haven't gotten them off the other camera yet.

The weekend also included a stop at an apple orchard for some apple picking. (Fall activities for the win!)

I should also mention that I've spent the past month in a pretty constant state of worry and discouragement.  I'm having a hard time finding an internship that aligns with my needs (timing-wise) and will likely have to wait until the summer to begin my internship.  To most people, this would just be a tad annoying but to me (type-A, planner, nut job), well, it's been discouraging and sort of unnerved me.  So if you have any prayers to spare, I could use them as I learn to um, adjust my sails...and go with the flow.

On the sunny side, I'm looking forward to a girl's dinner tonight at The Trenchermen.  TG is spending Saturday at the Ryder Cup so I may join him if he scores an extra ticket.  Otherwise, I will be forced to indulge in brunch and shopping on Saturday. Kind of win-win, yes?

Happy Wednesday!

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