Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've been pretty MIA but for some pretty good reasons.

For example...

Over the course of three days, I ate an entire box of Velveeta shells and cheese.  So processed but so so good. (Honesty is the best policy, so there you have it, Internet)

2 of my favorite friends from high school, Amy & Joslyn, came to visit me in Chicago over the long weekend.  We ate lots of good food and drank lots of drinks. One dinner at Gilt Bar + drinks at Old Town Social + another dinner at Mercadito + a stop at Magnolia Bakery + drinks at NoMi + drinks at the J. Parker rooftop + a final dinner at Three Aces = major detox/dieting/spending freeze going down this week.

Keeping my eyes peeled for glimpses of Giuliana/Bill Rancic and their new little nugget now that they're back in Chicago.

And this week, I'm continuing my search for an internship.  I think I've shared it before but I'm finishing up my master's program in December and have to start my clinical fieldwork in January.

Last week I started reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  I had seen it mentioned on so many other blogs and then a friend suggested it.  I really recommend it.  I've been reading it as my devotion on the train each morning.  It helps to keep things in perspective for me and starts my day out in a positive way.

I totally forgot to mention in my last blog post that TG got a new job! Well, a promotion within the same company but a totally new job.  He won't have to travel anymore.  Thank goodness. This means I will be eating a lot less sandwiches and frozen dinners from Trader Joe'!

Seeing all of the fall stuff on Pinterest and blogs is making me feel realllly warm and cozy.  College football, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, and coats! Bring it on.


  1. Yay to Tyler!!! Please let him know that both Joel and I send our congrats! xo

  2. Mercadito is my faveee in Chicago!!

  3. i might have helped a little with the shells and cheese :) can't wait to visit again soon! xoxo

  4. What a fun weekend! Please take photos of B&G if you see them! So exciting!