Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Mish-Mash

I'm so excited for this weekend. TG's sweet mom gets into Chicago this evening.  We don't really have set plans except for a dinner tonight at Ada St.  I'm always on board to try a new restaurant. 

Can I be totally selfish for a second?

I applied for a job that I really (really) want. If you could spare some prayers, good vibes, & happy thoughts on my behalf, I'd really appreciate it! 

I've gotten a few e-mails about Chicago restaurant recommendations and ideas for fun stuff to do in the city.  I'm working on a few different Chicago-related posts that will be up in the near future.  I haven't forgotten : ) Blogging has just taken a back burner the past couple months while I actually juggle real-life.  

I voted yesterday.  I'm so ready for the election to be over.  I'd much rather see the details of weddings, pregnancy news, and what someone ate for dinner than see another political piece of nonsense on my Facebook feed.  Keep it light, you know?  

I think we're going to have a few people over on election night.  In other words, I saw lots of red, white, and blue food on Pinterest and wanted an excuse to make some. 

How adorable are those cake pops? They look pretty challenging though so I probably will stick to the cupcakes!
images via one, two, three 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Every time I write the post title "Lately", I start singing in my head (have I told you I love you...lately...) Just me?

Let's catch up.

I stopped by Target on Sunday to check out the Nate Berkus collection.

I couldn't help myself and grabbed the small chevron ginger jar (Target calls it an urn.) I'm still trying to find the perfect spot for it but it will likely end up holding my k-cups and sitting next to the Keurig. I kind of want the picture frame too.  I saw the bedding and have to admit I wasn't impressed. It just looked sort of cheap to me. (But I still love you, Nate)

I saw these Halloween pajamas for dogs too. Unfortunately, they were all out of the XL's I needed for Chip and Barkley.

I also spotted this tartan plaid scarf. It stayed at Target though. I do have a little self-control.

Last Friday, we had people over for dinner and I made this. It was such an easy appetizer and everyone loved it. Toasted baguette topped with brie, strawberries, basil, and drizzled with honey.

I know cold temperatures are on their way so I've been soaking up the blissful fall weather with lots of walks with the pups.

What's new with you?
It sorta seems quiet around the blog world lately. Is anyone else feeling like that?
Maybe instagram is taking over ; )

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend Update

This past weekend was one of the best.  TG's dad ended up having an extra Ryder Cup ticket after all.  We headed out of the city to Medinah Country Club early on Saturday morning. 

I decided I've been watching golf all wrong all of these years. Tent passes are the way to go--yummy food and free booze? Sign me up! The weather was absolutely perfect (around 75 degrees with a breeze).  I spent the day drinking mimosas and following some of my favorite golfers around from hole to hole. 

(Upclose with the master cheater golfer himself)

I have to admit, I couldn't help but wish my Dad was there too. I played golf growing up and he was always my biggest cheerleader.  I really want to start playing again but life (looking at you, grad school & cold Chicago fall/winter) keeps getting in the way. I'm going to have to work on changing that.  I called him later and spilled all the details of watching my favorites (Rory, Webb, and Bubba). 

Sunday was pretty standard: cleaning and errands.  It was a friend's birthday so we went back to Girl and the Goat for a fun dinner.  I think our second visit was even better than our first.  The only repeat dish we got was the ever-popular Pig Face.  If you're ever in Chicago, go to Girl and the Goat! You definitely have to make a reservation 3-4 months in advance though as it stays booked.

(Pork, why can't I quit you?)

All in all, a pretty solid weekend if I do say so myself.