Thursday, December 20, 2012

Go do good. #26Acts

I cannot shake all my thoughts and heartache over Friday's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I cannot imagine what those teachers, students, and families are going through right now.  I simply can't fathom how someone could do such a terrible thing to innocent children. I remember feeling so safe at school when I was little.  I never worried that something bad would happen at school (outside of forgetting my lunch or my mom forgetting to pick me up).  These children will never be the same. They will be fearful. They will be anxious. And most of all, the way they look at the world will be forever changed.  

Have you heard about the 26 Random Acts of kindness that people are doing to honor the victims?

Thanks to Ann Curry, the #26Acts movement has really taken off. Some people are also doing #27Acts to include the mother of the gunman.

TG and I have decided to participate as well.  Yesterday we dropped off gifts for our angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree. It felt so great to know that we could help make someone's Christmas a little better. 

I'm trying to think of 25 more creative acts of kindness to honor those lost in this senseless tragedy. 

To start, I'm thinking I will buy coffee for people behind me in line, bring hot chocolate to the homeless man I pass everyday on the street, and take christmas goodies (and introduce myself) to our (hall) neighbors. 

I'd love love love some suggestions so please share!


  1. Maybe a surprise in your mailbox for the mail carrier? Or, I've also heard that they are accepting letters at the Newtown churches to go to families of the victims....

    I love this idea and I'm inspired to do some good too. Merry Christmas love!

  2. I want to do this too! Now I just need to come up with 26 acts.

  3. I loved this idea! I actually posted a link to a article that I'm sure you would love on my latest blog post. It shows how Americans are doing these 26 acts. Check it out because I think it would really warm your heart especially after reading this post.