Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brain Dump

I'm finally getting around to this little blog again.
I spent the entire weekend and Monday in bed with the flu.
On account of my sickness, we had to cancel dinner reservations at The Carriage House. Boo.
Luckily I had 2 seasons of Parenthood, lots of green tea, and plenty puppy snuggles.
And a very sweet boy to keep me company.
I tend to be a little on the dramatic side when I'm sick but, TG was a good (and patient) nurse.
He kept my cup full. (I love Sprite Zero when I'm sick--Aspertame be damned!)
He made CVS runs (3 kinds of medicine, the aforementioned Sprites, Vitamin Waters, & Chicken Noodle Soup, crackers...)
That romantic roommate of mine was on point.

Parenthood is definitely the most underrated show on television. So good!
We're planning to start watching Homeland soon since most everyone raves about it.  I'm also curious about The Newsroom. Am I missing any other must sees?

Have you seen the Vine app? I can't decide if it's fun or a little creepy.

We've had really yucky weather in Chicago lately.
0 degrees with a -12 degree wind chill...rain....snow...dreary...repeat. No fun.

Living in the South my whole life, I definitely took the warm days sprinkled throughout the winter months for granted. If you live in Chicago in January and February, you kind of survive on the hopes of sunny days, street festivals, and al fresco dining.

I'm already looking forward to some upcoming trips (and warmer temperatures) we have planned.
TG and I have a Mexico trip coming up in March.
Almost immediately after that, I'll be heading down to Charleston, SC with some girlfriends for Katie's bachelorette party.  So much fun in store.

How do you beat the winter blues?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two of my good friends from college, Tess and Amanda, came to Chicago this past weekend. 
Festivities included a dinners at Ada Street & Paris Club. Brunches at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba & The Bongo Room.  And lots of drinks in between.
But the real treat was the company. 
We all became fast friends through the forced fun that is often part of pledging a sorority.  Towards the end of first semester, I moved out of my dorm and into the spot that Tess’ roommate had left.  Then came the real fun. I cannot think about that time period without thinking of two twin beds in a cozy little room in Fletcher Hall. Late night dance parties. Dressing up for themed socials (revenge of the nerds was likely the best, although 70s was a close second). Staying up late and sleeping all day. 
Fast foward two years and I was sharing a room in the sorority house with Amanda. Some good talks happened in those peach colored walls. Along with a few good cries over an ex-boyfriend who now seems so irrelevant. (Funny how that happens).  We took on leadership roles as vice-president and treasurer. After all, this was only natural for two type-A gals with an affinity for being bossy.  On that same note, I'm reminded of a regional sorority conference where I dressed up as our national advisor using most of the pillows in our room. Ahem.  
This weekend, 7+ years later, and for about the 1000th time, we once again picked up right where we left off. So much has changed but the good stuff (and the stuff that counts) has stayed the same.  Two (almost 3) master’s degrees, multiple cities, and one engagement later, here we are. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas, New Year's Eve, and in between!

The past couple of weeks really flew by.  The holiday season always seems like a whirlwind to me.  Before heading to North Carolina, TG and I went to Next for dinner.  His parents gave us tickets as part of our Christmas present.  This menu was Kyoto. While I thought it was good, I have to admit that I liked the Sicily menu more.  My flight wasn't until late Saturday night so Saturday was spent doing last minute shopping around Chicago. (read: fighting through crowds of tourists on Michigan Avenue).

There really isn't a better feeling than when my plane touches down in NC.  I get so excited that I usually can't sleep on the way there.  How ridiculous is that? 25 years old and I still get overly excited to see my Mom.

One of my best friends from home, Amy, picked me up from the airport just after midnight so we could have a sleepover.

My time in NC is always far too short...but some fun times were had.

In matching pajamas

Sister time and some seriously good food (per usual) at Grandma Louise's. 

Snuggles with Ritz. 


Before leaving NC, I squeezed in time with some of my favorite friends. 

New Year's Eve was spent up in Wisconsin at the lake house with plenty of snow...

...and plenty of champagne.

Unfortunately, by midnight we had already changed into comfy clothes.

I hope your Christmas was filled with family, friends, and as much love as mine was.  Happy New Year!