Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two of my good friends from college, Tess and Amanda, came to Chicago this past weekend. 
Festivities included a dinners at Ada Street & Paris Club. Brunches at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba & The Bongo Room.  And lots of drinks in between.
But the real treat was the company. 
We all became fast friends through the forced fun that is often part of pledging a sorority.  Towards the end of first semester, I moved out of my dorm and into the spot that Tess’ roommate had left.  Then came the real fun. I cannot think about that time period without thinking of two twin beds in a cozy little room in Fletcher Hall. Late night dance parties. Dressing up for themed socials (revenge of the nerds was likely the best, although 70s was a close second). Staying up late and sleeping all day. 
Fast foward two years and I was sharing a room in the sorority house with Amanda. Some good talks happened in those peach colored walls. Along with a few good cries over an ex-boyfriend who now seems so irrelevant. (Funny how that happens).  We took on leadership roles as vice-president and treasurer. After all, this was only natural for two type-A gals with an affinity for being bossy.  On that same note, I'm reminded of a regional sorority conference where I dressed up as our national advisor using most of the pillows in our room. Ahem.  
This weekend, 7+ years later, and for about the 1000th time, we once again picked up right where we left off. So much has changed but the good stuff (and the stuff that counts) has stayed the same.  Two (almost 3) master’s degrees, multiple cities, and one engagement later, here we are. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Such a sweet story! Looks like you all had fun! I miss those sorority days so much!