Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dish on dishes. (Registry help)

We went on our first registry date this weekend. TG was totally on board and participating but then gradually got bored.  I don't think we went to our first registry date prepared.

Every time I look at dishes, I'm paralyzed with fear that I'm going to choose the wrong China pattern.
Yes, I realize how absurd that sounds. And yes, this is what I talk about these days. China patterns. Centerpieces. Gah, even I'm a little annoyed.

So. I need some help. Married/Engaged folks: Tell me what you registered for / what I can't live without / the best items.

Also, is 4 places too many places to be registered?

Help me, Internets.


  1. Hi! I haven't commented in forever, but we went with Kate Spade Library Lane. I was hoping for something with more design but my husband said that he thought it would be more classic and we could use them forever and for any season. I might one day get decorative accent plates to use to spice things up. Just an idea- you can get fancier accent plates to mix things up!

  2. 4 places seems like a lot but where are you thinking?

  3. For china patterns I would recommend staying neutral. That way you definitly wont get bored with it. Since I am getting married in October, I feel your pain. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  4. Haha - it's funny what all of your thoughts/conversations become about when you get engaged, huh? We're right in the thick of it and I laugh at how often centerpieces cross my mind during the day... invitations have proven to take a lot of my thoughts as well :)

    As far as china patterns - you're not crazy... at all. We looked at so many different designs because I was so concerned about getting something that we wouldn't like 5 years down the road. We ended up going with a less formal china pattern and I'm really happy with it. I liked a lot of the Kate Spade patterns we looked at... they seemed pretty timeless. Good luck!

    Oh - and I don't think 4 places is too many. We had to do the same, mostly because where we are from/the ceremony location doesn't have other stores that atlanta (where we live) now does. If you need to register at 4 to make it easier for your guests, then I say no problem at all :) hope planning is going great for you!