Thursday, September 12, 2013

Updates and things to come

It's no big secret that I haven't been into blogging lately.  My mom asked me the other day if I still had "that blog". Yep, sure do.  It seems like instagram is the new blogging. Many of the blogs I read (and love) are posting less and less.  I'm convinced it's because everyone is on instagram telling folks what they're eating, seeing, doing, watching, decorating, etc instead of blogging it.

We moved into a new apartment and have been getting settled.  I'm also preparing to begin my internship in October.  Oh, and planning a wedding.  This next year is going to be crazy. Plain and simple. I'm trying to think of it in baby steps and taking each thing little by little.

I remember someone saying to me that a year and a half was too long to be engaged. I'm starting to agree. It's a lot of time to change your mind about colors and details.  Pinterest can be the devil. So I'm committing to a few things.

I'm set on coral and navy...with touches and details of navy and white stripes. But not that dusty coral. A bright, fun coral.  I know I want lots of white hydrangeas and pink peonies.  I'm hoping to incorporate a good bit of fun details and signage.

Wedding inspiration: 

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I found my wedding dress! I tried on a lot of dresses. A. LOT. The one I ultimately picked is nothing like I thought I wanted. But I love it.

We are still undecided on a rehearsal dinner venue. So please, send me your recs for good restaurants/venues in Wilmington. We're thinking maybe The Balcony on Dock but aren't totally sold.

I started watching Breaking Bad in July. Like everyone else and their mother, I'm now addicted. Now is probably as good a time as any to mention that I watched the entire season 1 of Orange is the New Black in 2 days. Couch po-tay-to for the win.


So, I blogged.

Hope your Thursday is going just swimmingly.